Our premium produce is carefully grown and delivered to the customer, wherever they are in Australia.
With flavour as the number one priority, you can always be confident of a great tasting product when you see the Flavorite brand.

Flavorite Tomatoes on the Vine

Aromatic, fresh and flavoursome are the signatures of a great tomato. Flavorite vine ripened tomatoes are famous for that home grown taste, which is the perfect complement to dishes like a classic salad or a hearty soup.

As they are picked directly into the tray at the optimum harvest time, Flavorite tomatoes are not subject to harsh handling, so they will maintain their shape, aroma and freshness for longer once at home.

Flavorite Pre-Pack Tomatoes on the Vine

There is nothing like the flavour of a glossy red tomato directly from the vine. The Flavorite 500g tomato prepack combines this great taste with the convenience and hygiene of a pre-pack.

We harvest only the best tomato bunches fresh from the vine and place them carefully on clear trays, which are then wrapped to ensure the delicious natural flavour gets locked in, each and every time!

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Flavorite Cherry Tomatoes on The Vine Prepack 250g Punnet

The sweet burst of intense flavour as you bite into a cherry tomato is a delightful addition to any meal, taking food from everyday to extraordinary.

Our premium sweet variety of cherry tomatoes, known as ‘Angels Kiss’ to describe the taste sensation, is picked directly into the punnet to minimise handling.

Cherry tomatoes are an easy way to add extra vitamins and nutrients to your diet if you add them to meals, salads or even if you tuck into them on their own!

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Cherry Burst Tomatoes 200g


Grown in a fully controlled and heated glasshouse environment Flavorite’s Cherry Burst tomatoes are only harvested when the fruit has reached full maturity making them sweet, firm and juicy, all year around.

Packaged in a handy “wash and go” punnet, Cherry Burst tomatoes are ideal in a salad, topping a pizza or for a snack on the run.

Flavorite Premium Glasshouse Eggplant

The stunning purple-black outer skin you see on our eggplants is a result of being grown in our fully heated greenhouses. With no bitter seeds and a longer shelf life, our eggplants are the perfect versatile addition to any Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Asian dish.

Because we pick by directly inserting the eggplant into their cartons, there is minimal handling to ensure the product reaches you in premium condition.

Flavorite Lebanese Cucumbers

That signature crunch when you bite into a Lebanese cucumber is a Flavorite hallmark. With a crisp and refreshing flavour, these add a superior taste to salads and sandwiches. Because they are grown in heated greenhouses, their shelf life is improved and the deep green skin is consistently developed.


Whether they’re served raw, stir fried, grilled, baked or preserved, our capsicums pack a flavour punch. Because they are allowed to fully ripen on the plant, our red and yellow capsicums have a far superior appearance, quality, taste and shelf life.

With grading, packing and dispatch all completed on the same day as picking, there is no question our capsicums arrive fresh and bursting with flavour.