Why Choose Vine Ripened Produce?


  • Full flavoured
  • Natural sweetness
  • Fresh flavour – taste like home grown tomatoes, how tomatoes used to taste
  • Maintain their freshness for 2-3 weeks when stored correctly


  • Deep red in colour
  • Consistent round shape
  • Perfect presentation with no blemishes
  • Maintain a consistent colour when cut
  • Look like real, home grown tomatoes

Health Benefits

Tomatoes are a real health food, aiding both men and women in the battle against cancer. Scientists believe tomatoes have a strong preventative effect in the battle against prostate cancer also helping to combat many other cancers including those of lung, stomach, pancreas, bowel, cervix and breast.  Research has focussed on lycopene, the carotenoid pigment which gives tomatoes their characteristic red colour.
In addition to the powerful antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes are an excellent source of Vitamins C, B and E and contain a range of minerals especially potassium.

To summarise, tomatoes contain:

  • VITAMINS C & A give you healthy skin, teeth, hair, muscles and bones. They also aid in iron absorption.
  • B VITAMINS assist carbohydrates to provide energy and a healthy skin and nervous system.
  • VITAMIN E aids oxygen transportation in blood and preserves other vitamins against oxidation loss.
  • DIETARY FIBRE helps aid the digestive system
  • POTASSIUM helps cells and nerves and provides energy fuel for muscle tissue
  • FREE from fat and cholesterol
  • Very low in sodium

Environmental benefits of greenhouse grown tomatoes:

  • No need to use any herbicides.
  • Our glasshouses relatively small footprint allows it to be located within close proximity to a major city,¬†reducing travel time and fuel usage.
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