Bruschetta salad pizza on wholemeal base

Serves 4:

1 packet (of 4) wholemeal (thin) pita stle bread

6 Flavorite tomatoes

1 small spanish onion

200g cherry bocconcini

1 bunch fresh basil

2 (140g each) packets of pizza sauce or tomato paste

1 lemon

60ml extra virgin olive oil

15ml balsamic vinegar or balsalmic reduction

1 clove garlic

Method for pizza base

Preheat oven to 260-280C. Individually place pita bread on lightly oiled pan to crisp the bases and cook for about 2mins on each side.

Add 2 tbs of pizza sauce and smear evenly to edge of each pita base. break bocconcinis in half and add to the bases using 3-4 whole balls (6-8 halves) on each base. Place in oven until bocconcini melts, which should take about 5-7 mins.

Method for salsa

Dice tomatoes and spanish onion into small pieces. Place in bowl. Add oil, balsamic vinegar and crushed garlic. Squeeze lemon over top and mix. Roll basil leaves and cut into thin strands.

Finishing off

Cut pizza bases (with 2 cuts) into 4 slices each. Garnish each slice evenly with salsa, then sprinkle with basil and serve.


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